California Dreaming – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane Southdale

What's new at Southdale? Strain Grams Type Brand Price Pacific OG 10 x 0.5g Sativa Tantalus Labs $31.99 Introducing California Dreamin'! Made with the high-quality Kandy Kush strain, hand-selected and carefully…

Sunset Mac – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane 8th Street

What's new at 8th Street? Strain Grams Type Brand Price Sunset Mac 7g Flower Craftport $36.99 All Dressed 7g Flower Shred $35.99 Blue Razzberry Heavies 3x0.5g Infused Prerolls ShredX $24.99 Zone…

Glenn’s Soda Pops – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane Aurora

What's new at Aurora? Strain Grams Type Brand Price Dragonfruit 1g Vape Cartridge WeedMe MAX $36.99 California Peach 1g Vape Cartridge WeedMe MAX $36.99 Pear & Kiwi 1g Vape Cartridge WeedMe MAX $36.99 Always…

Rooty B Disti Sticks – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

Upon opening the pack, the smell of root beer hits your nose. They smell like the A&W root beer suckers specifically. The flavour was less potent than the fragrance but you could still get the taste of root beer. 33% THC, and 5% terps, top ones being: b-pinene, a-pinene, and limonene. I found this sativa a very focused one. After smoking, I felt hyperfocused on what I was working on for 2 hours straight. A very productive high.

Jean Guy Badder – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

This badder smells sweet and has a nice sweet & sour flavour to it. I used it with my Yocan Evolve and it worked nicely. A very strong sativa, I’m not a fan of the bud of this strain but the concentrate of it slaps. A very motivating and thought provoking high. I felt the need to be creative, for the entire 2 hour high I was productive with my current projects. At 73.29% THC, this badder surprisingly knocked my socks off. I always make sure to load up my dab pen with this before seeing a movie in theatres, and it has elevated that experience for me for sure.

Orange Swirl by Sticky Greens – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

It tastes like orange creamsicle and get you high, what could be better than that? 88% THC, this zesty sativa is great for focus during the day. 7% terps, with the top ones being: limonene, linalool, and myrcene. I find the best flavour when I use the lowest setting on my battery. This cart sparks nostalgia like no other.

Carnival Clouds by Sticky Greens – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

An uplifting sativa at 83.9% THC with an amazing cotton candy flavour. Super smooth due to their double distillation process, I have gone through three of these carts now. Perfect day time puff. 7% terps, the top ones being: limonene, myrcene, and b-pinene. This is a cart that sells itself, it cannot be beat for flavour.

Peach Chauffeur #15 OGEN – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

This bud is so loud that we always know when it’s in stock because it can be smelled as soon as the sativa drawer is opened. Frosty and hairy nugs that are dense and absolutely coated in trichomes. Coming in at a whopping 32.4% THC with 5.66% terps, the top ones being: farnesene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Very sweet tasting smoke and it almost does smell like peaches. The high for me was a very focused and productive one. Lovely to consume before sitting down and working on a creative project.

Megaton Melon #4 OGEN – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

Megaton Melon by OGEN with 27.3% THC and 4.1% terps. Top terps being: farnesene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Frosty, small, vibrant green nugs that smell sweet and fruity and leave your fingers sticky after loading up the grinder. A very euphoric and intense high, for the experienced consumer. I’ve smoked a lot of weed, but this might be my favourite strain I’ve tried. It tastes sweet and creamy and leaves me cheesing until the smooth comedown. **please note that the photo included is of the last few nugs, as I am almost done my second quarter of this bud

Farmer Jane 3.5g Flower Review

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Farmer Jane Sativa: To make the original Gorilla Glue the strains Sour Diesel (sativa leaning), Sour Dubb (heavily indica dominant), Chem`s Sister (sativa leaning) and Chocolate Diesel (indica leaning) were combined. It is because of this complex hybridized mix of sativa and indica that many interesting chemotypes can be found and isolated. At Western we hunted though many different chemotypes created from back crossing the original GG#4. These variations were produced from seed in order to select a more Sativa dominant cultivar similar to the coveted “Josey Whales Phenotype”. Western Gorilla Glue is dominant in THC (24%) and gives an instant uplifting, euphoric high that is very long-lasting. After consumption you will feel a happy and spirited effect that is complimented with some indica undertones that will also help you relax at the same time. This makes it a great match for a relaxing activity where you also need to be alert like hanging out with friends socializing, concerts, movies or just Netflix at home. This selection will keep you awake and alert for several hours while also relaxing your body, once the effects start to wear off you will be able to go home and fall asleep easily. If you are going to a concert or show without seating you might prefer a lighter sativa because of the indica undertones accompanying this strain. Western`s Gorilla Glue aroma is a gassy pungent and skunky mix. It also exudes hints of pine and other woodsy, earthy notes. Additionally, you can expect top notes of chocolate and coffee, ensuring this cannabis strain is a delicious combination. This chemotype is densely packed with trichomes, and is very resinous and sticky which is obviously why its named after a glue! Its Sour Dubb genetics provide a sour apple taste, while the Chocolate Diesel adds hints of gasoline and chocolate. Finally, Chem’s Sister gives the strain a slightly manufactured chemical after-taste; but it is very complimentary overall.

Sour OG Cheese – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane Southdale

This just in to Southdale Farmer Jane, FIGR 3.5g Sour OG Cheese Indica. Coming in with a THC percentage of 29% this is one sour cheese that won't last long, the perfect pairing for a night!