Pineapple Chunk Resin Infused Milled Flower – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

Dab Bods Pineapple Chunk was sitting at 41.9% THC, and 10.1% terps when I bought it. The top terps being: myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. I love having this to add to a bowl of mid flower to give it the potency boost I need. The strain is a real creeper, so the potency boost takes about 20 minutes after smoking to really hit. A true hybrid, i was in the couch with an active mind. The kind of weed that makes you go “wait what was I just doing?” Pair recommendation: this Pinapple Chunk in a bowl with Pistol & Paris Hawaiian Fanta flower. **also please note the photo of the product has been taken when I am almost finished the container

Fruity Pebbles OG – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane Aurora

What's new at Aurora? Strain Grams Type Brand Price Pineapple Chunk 12 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls Ness $41.99 Ex-Wife 5 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls QWEST $23.99 Rainmaker 3.5g Flower Ness $33.99 Cake Crasher 3.5g Flower BZAM…