Indigenous-Owned Cannabis Brands

Indigenous-Owned Cannabis Brands to Support In this blog, we're shining a spotlight on Indigenous-owned Canadian cannabis brands that deserve your support. These brands are not just about selling weed; they're about making a positive impact…

MINO-AHKI TRADITIONAL SWEETGRASS CBD LOTION – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane Southdale

What's new at Southdale? Strain Grams Type Brand Price TRADITIONAL SWEETGRASS CBD LOTION 200 ml Topical MINO-AHKI 42.99 MINO-AHKI combines science-backed innovation with traditional skin care practices…

Mino-Ahki Traditional Sweetgrass CBD Lotion

Mino-Ahki Traditional Sweetgrass CBD Lotion A new CBD lotion is on the market, and we can’t be more excited to share some information about it to you!  Introducing Mino-Ahki Traditional Sweetgrass CBD Lotion. A new water-based lotion crafted…