Jean Guy Badder – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

This badder smells sweet and has a nice sweet & sour flavour to it. I used it with my Yocan Evolve and it worked nicely. A very strong sativa, I’m not a fan of the bud of this strain but the concentrate of it slaps. A very motivating and thought provoking high. I felt the need to be creative, for the entire 2 hour high I was productive with my current projects. At 73.29% THC, this badder surprisingly knocked my socks off. I always make sure to load up my dab pen with this before seeing a movie in theatres, and it has elevated that experience for me for sure.

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Jean Guy – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane Aurora

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Bandwagon – Pretty Good Weed Specials – Farmer Jane Rochdale

We always have very exciting things coming into our Rochdale Location every Thursday. So pop in and get it before we run out!