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What's new at Henderson? Strain Grams Type Brand Price Bacon CBD Oil 30ml CBD Oil Apawthecary 20.99 You asked and we answered... APAWthecarys Bacon Flavored all natural plant-based CBD oil is here! Perfect…

Homemade CBD Dog Treats

Homemade CBD Dog Treats There are many benefits of CBD oil for dogs,  just like us humans, our furry friends also experience anxiety. Usually due to fear, separation or aging, CBD can be a natural treatment for your dog, but always consult…
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CBD oil for dogs – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Plessis

To say I am grateful for this product is an understatement. My bestfriend is a 16 year old pug and this oil has given her comfort back in her day to day life. It started about two years ago I noticed my old Zoey was having a lot of issues with her back legs, moving was getting hard, the stairs were a no go and getting up on the slippery floor, it was heart breaking to say the least. I was thinking worst case when I came across CBD for dogs. After doing research I was convinced finding some safe CBD meant for dogs would be beneficial (human CBD is made with things that are good for humans not dogs). After several weeks of experimenting and upping her dose slowly I definitely noticed a difference. Stairs are still a no go, and sometimes the floor is still slippery but its nice seeing those morning zoomies again, and its nice looking down and seeing my best friend under foot. Zoey has more pep in her step, is able to run again, going to the bathroom is easier and most importantly it gave me more time with my best friend. Zoey gets half a dropper in each meal and that has sustained her pretty well over the years. I`m grateful this kind of product is at arms reach and actually available in todays day and age. Thank you Farmer Jane!
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