Balance Slims 10 pack by Solei – Budtender’s Review – Farmer Jane Charleswood

Solei’s Balance Slims are straight rolled, similar to the cigarette roll style. The ones I bought featured 5.3% THC and 9.6% CBD. I quit smoking cigarettes and nicotine last year, but with the weather now being so nice, cravings are back. These handy dandy joints are perfect for when I’m itching for a smoke but it’s an inconvenient time to get high. They burn smoothly, and satisfy the oral fixation. Plus the CBD is calming and helps “take the edge off” without reverting back to old nicotine habits OR getting stoned when I have something important I need to do. I plan on keeping these on hand to take with me in situations I know I’ll get cravings, such as going to a bar or camping.